Information Session on Community Partnerships
Wednesday Aug 21, 2019 09:00 AM
Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019 10:00 AM

The Junior League of New Orleans is committed to improving its community by helping other nonprofit organizations launch initiatives and pursue their missions. We know that nonprofits need resources:

  • volunteers
  • funding
  • training
  • project development

JLNO can help. Join us at 9 am on Wednesday, August 21 to learn all the ways your nonprofit organization can benefit from a partnership with JLNO.

This event is free and open to the public, but we recommend registering below to guarantee a seat.

JLNO Headquarters
4319 Carondelet Street
New Orleans LA 70115
Alonzo, Antonio
Alphonse, Jermaine
Batiste, Amy
Berg, Vanessa (6095)
Brasted, Katie
Cicero, Erica (8109)
Coulson, Lt. Christy
Davis, Dan
Davis, Dan
Davis, Dan
Engman, Kelley
Fisher, Roy
Gaspard, Marcia (8164)
Giambrone, Cristina
Goodrich, Grace
Hanson, Travis
Hartong, Mary Liza (Staff)
Henderson, Maryam
Henderson, Maryam
Howard, Dean
Jakiel Diulus, Lindsey
Johnson, Waldreka
jones, tom
LeBon, Kimberly (6598)
Lee, Bivian "Sonny"
Licardi, Nicole (7072)
Limoges, Michele
Linton, Michelle
London, Terrica (6936)
Macias, Jennifer (5774)
Mangum , Michelle (7224)
Manzanares, Marina
Manzanares, Marina
mcmillan, Lyiena
Moles, Courtney
Nelson, Heather
Oliver, Rhonda
Paul , Philippe
Peters, Jacob
Reynolds-Montz, Chenier (8099)
Rotolo, Sue
Rotolo, Sue
Selenberg, Lauren
Shapiro Dandry, Allison (6057)
Smith, Mandy
Spearman, Lynn (6645)
Stone, Linda
Taylor, Robert
Todd, Christine
Waller, Elizabeth (8079)
Williams, Shannon
Zelden , Tracey
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