WE Fellowship Pitch Event
Monday Mar 25, 2019 06:00 PM
Monday, Mar 25, 2019 07:00 PM

One way to cultivate entrepreneurial success for women is through access to mentors and advisors. JLNO's Woman Entrepreneur (WE) Fellowship supports a female business owner with guidance and in-kind services sourced through JLNO’s membership.

Join us at the WE Fellowship Pitch during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week to hear 10-minute presentations of our five fellowship finalists.

Cocktail & Sons FAIT NOLA Girls Gone Buff Southern Swings Nail Bar and Spa Visionary Entertainment Media Group (VEMG)

Registration with NOEW is encouraged. Each of the five finalists will give a 10-minute presentation at the WE Fellowship Pitch event during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.  At the conclusion of the presentations, judges will select the 2019-2020 WE Fellow, and attendees will vote to award an audience prize.

For Active and Provisional members, flexible credit is available at this event. Please make sure you sign-in and indicate which kind of credit (volunteer or training) that you want when you arrive at the event.

NOLA Brewing, 3001 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Abston, Jacqueline (7022)
Babb, Nicole (6558)
Baker Barnes, Kiki (7155)
Barlow, Amber (6381)
Bell, Leighton (6966)
Bernard-Allen, Jennifer (5683)
Booth, Emily (5489)
Broussard, Blair (6119)
Bryant, Camille (6957)
Chandler, Sarah (6360)
Coons, Lindsey (7138)
Courtenay, Alison (6133)
DeRoche, Ashley (7170)
Dillon, Nathalie (7156)
Dixon, Elexa (6566)
Doyle, Heather (6143)
Farrell, Paige (6590)
Favre, Shawne (7140)
Flower, Amy (6144)
Glenn, Alice (5428)
Godfrey, Sonia (6970)
Grzegorczyk, Kelsey (7212)
Guillot, Angela
Haney, Erin (8034)
Janke, Elizabeth (5396)
Jensen, Danielle (7164)
Kamboj, Sonia (6686)
Kane, Sarah (6224)
Kelly, Caitlin (6188)
Landry, Hayley (7159)
Lentz, Paula Jo (6806)
Lewis, Jasmine Monquie (7141)
Lopez, Adriana (7114)
McArthur, Heather (5144)
McManus, Lacy (6345)
Milligan, Kathleen (8016)
Mills, Kylie (7171)
Morrison, Paige (531)
Olivier, Alexandra (7167)
Palmisano, Vivian (5793)
Petry, Kristin (6879)
Phipps, Victoria (6455)
Rainey, Tiffany
Rathke, Morgan (6892)
Ridolfo, Serah
Roberts, Jessica (6453)
Rome, Camille (6124)
Ruddock, Susana (6163)
Sizemore, Danielle (6060)
Spearman, Lynn (6645)
Tommaseo, Elizabeth (7054)
Touart, Kelly (6369)
Town, Autumn (5816)
Tuskey, Margaret (6359)
Vinson, Christine
Wright, Caroline (6336)
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