Holiday Collection First-Look with Tory Burch
Tuesday Nov 13, 2018 06:30 PM
Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018 08:30 PM

The Junior League of New Orleans is pleased to partner with the newly opened Tory Burch in Canal Place for a first-look at the 2018 Holiday Collection. In addition to allowing us this wonderful opportunity, Tory Burch is also donating 20% of the evening's purchases to JLNO in support of its mission and community projects. That means your gift for yourself or someone else also gives to JLNO!

Not only will you be able to shop this collection before anyone else, but you'll also be entered into door prize drawings in order to win items generously donated by Tory Burch.

This event is free and open to the public; however, VIP entry with early shopping and parking for a donation to JLNO is available by clicking this link.

Please register below to add yourself and any others to the guest list for this event.

Tory Burch in Canal Place 333 Canal Street, Suite 103A New Orleans, LA 70130

Adams, Robin
Allen, Kimberly (5830)
Alvey, Kristin (7007)
Axelrad, Kellie
Baker, Shon (5467)
Bernard-Allen, Jennifer (5683)
Brewer, Ashley (7123)
Broussard, Blair (6119)
Bruce, Alexandra (8047)
Buckley, Diane (5890)
Burnham , Anna
Chandler, Sarah (6360)
Clarke Payne, Michelle (6337)
Clay, Hope (6912)
Degann, Jacqueline (7202)
Dixon, Elexa (6566)
Fantaci, Skye (5262)
Fish, Allison (7088)
Frischhertz, Amanda (3070)
Gelvin, Angelle (6765)
Gilly, Brandy (4970)
Goedecke, Jeanne (6751)
Graugnard, Olivia
Gray, Danielle (7133)
Griffin-Roberts, Monica (5958)
Ham, Sarah Louise
hansel, dana
Johnson, Sara (6874)
King, Tiffany
Kotler, Kaitlin (7151)
Labadie, Lindsey (6905)
Lane Gilly, Brandy
Lane Gilly, Brandy
Licardi, Nicole (7072)
Marquette, Lauren (6424)
Masten, Anne
McGovern, Brittany (6023)
Miceli, Crystal (8014)
Mitchell, Natalie
Morrison, Bailey (6963)
O’Hara, Lrrna
Peltier, Sarah (6267)
Ramsey, Kathleen (3003)
Rogers, Stephanie (5535)
Rostovshchikova , Natalya
Scaefer, Abby
Schafer, Sarah (6785)
Smith, Karen
Soliman, Michelle (6061)
Stickney, Rachel (5804)
Taylor, Emily (6065)
Tommaseo, Elizabeth (7054)
Touart, Kelly (6369)
Tuskey, Margaret (6359)
Vincent, Kirsten (6420)
Vu, Joann
Yates, Debra
Yip, Lisa (5105)